Fairfax Move In Move Out Cleaning

We offer flexible Fairfax move in and move out cleaning services to ease the transition to your new home or apartment. Whether you need the entire house cleaned or just certain items on your move out the checklist, we’re here to help.

Fairfax Move Out/In Cleaning

A thorough Fairfax move in cleaning service gives new homeowners and tenants peace of mind knowing that their new living space has been scrubbed and disinfected from top to bottom. We always recommend performing a move in clean before you unload your personal belongings. This ensures that every inch of the room gets the attention that it needs.

How much does a move in clean from APS Cleaning cost? It all depends on the size of your new home or apartment and the condition it is in. For the most accurate quote, contact us now to discuss the details of your Fairfax move in cleaning. Our staff can also create a personalized cleaning schedule to keep your new home or apartment as clean as it was when you first moved in.

Our Move Out/ In Cleaning Service Includes

Here are some activities on our standard move out cleaning checklist:



  • Refrigerator Inside Full Wash and Disinfected Outside Wipe Down and Windex or Polish
  • Stove Full Wash Inside/Out
  • Oven Full Wash
  • Microwave Wash and Disinfect Inside/Out
  • Dishwasher Clean Inside/Out
  • Sinks Wash and Disinfect
  • Faucets (Polishing)
  • Kitchen Counters Full Wash and Polished
  • Kitchen Cabinets Wipe Down Inside/Out
  • Clean Floor (Regular Sweep and Mop)
  • Also Cleaned Blinds, Windows, Window seals, Window Reals,  Baseboards, Light Switches, AC Vents, Light Fixtures, Pantry or Food Closets


  • Wash Shower and Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass and Glass Doors
  • Clean Tubs and Scrub all Walls
  • Counters and Sinks Full Wash and Disinfect
  • Faucets (Polishing)
  • Clean all Mirrors and Any Light Fixtures
  • Toilet (Full Wash and Disinfect)
  • Bathroom Cabinets and Medicine AD Wipe Inside/Out
  • AC Vent and/or Air Extractor Dust off And/or Wipe Down
  • Floors and Base Boards (Hand Cleaned Only in Bathrooms)

General Through The Entire House We Also Clean

  • All AC Vents, Ceiling Fans, Light Switches,
  • Baseboards, Blinds, Light Fixtures, Doors, Door
  • Knows, Door Frames, Clean all Closets,
  • Vacuum all Carpeted Areas
  • Clean Windows (only inside), Window Seals, Window Reals
  • Stair Reals, Sweep and Mop Hardwood, Wood, Marble, Tile, Stone, Vinyl or any other type of flooring.


Laundry Room

  • Clean Shelf
  • Clean Washer and Dryer Inside/Out  (Wipe Down)
  • Clean Cabinets Inside/Out
  • Clean Baseboards, Light Switches
  • Sweep and Mop Floor

We can handle all or most of the items on your Fairfax move out cleaning checklist. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can spend more time preparing for the move. Have some additional questions? Wondering how much your move out clean will cost? Contact us today for an estimate and more information.